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TheMedNote.com is a growing collection of brief notes, ideally suited for busy medical students. However, it is hoped that other health care professionals and patients might find these useful too. However, please note that these notes are primarily meant for review of the material rather than for the first-time learning.

The notes appear as regular blog posts. However, the older notes are constantly revised, as the author learns of better ways to present the same concept. This also means that, as far as possible, the notes are up-to-date with the current medical research and understanding.

T here is no scarcity of medical information on the internet. Rather, there is so much information available that most of us get overwhelmed very easily. Much information is organized in very complex ways, making us feel lost. This is an attempt at simplification and brevity, both in terms of the organization of the material and the material itself. The goal is to do so without sacrificing the essentials.

D ue to the rapidly growing use of handhelds like iPhone, iPad, and Android by medical professionals, every attempt has been made to ensure that all the essential features of the TheMedNote.com are available on all major devices. However, there are undoubtedly be some devices on which the site does not run properly. If you are a victim of this, apologies in advance. Please send your feedback.